Subjects are chosen to develop skills and help people gain confidence.  Whatever drawing medium is being used (pencil, ink, charcoal etc), simple activities that focus on process rather than result are very reassuring for beginners.  Drawers are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities of transposing what they see onto paper and to expand their visual vocabulary.  With time to reflect at the end, participants are always amazed at the results they have achieved.

From quick drawings using intuitive response to more sustained study, the examples below show a broad use of materials as well as the study of the key elements of proportion, mark making, relationships of form and shape, perspective, tone and composition.  

Examples here are from previous events and classes.  

Wild at Heart
Grasses, Wild or Dried Flowers.
Superman's sense of space
Developing your X-ray vision!
Understanding value with tones.
Expressive charcoal
A good way to release tension
Coffee and Ink Drawing
Have you had your daily caffeine shot?
Line Drawing Fruit
Effective, stylish lines.
Exploring Light & Shade
Another use for stockpiled loo roll!
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