At a time when budgets & resources are under strain it's an increasingly challenge for leaders to catalyse new energy, ideas and collaboration in their teams.  Creativity not only combats stagnation but facilitates growth and innovation.
Here’s why creativity is important in business...
It Allows for Adaptability
Sometimes events both internal and external can disrupt an organisation’s structure. For example, the pandemic has dramatically changed how the present-day business world functions. In such instances, imaginative thinking is critical to maintaining business operations. In any business, change is inevitable and creative solutions are vital to adapting to it. 

It Reduces Stress in The Work Place
Engaging in creativity induces positive health effects by reducing stress levels.  Importantly, a person's level of artistic experience doesn't impact the benefits of creativity. People see the same decrease in stress when doing creative activities regardless. Everyone can be creative. 

It Increases Productivity
Creativity gives you the space to work smarter instead of harder, which can increase productivity and combat stagnation. While routine and structure are incredibly important it shouldn’t be implemented at the expense of improvement and growth. Establishing a creative environment can vastly improve productivity levels.

It Builds Better Teamwork
The creative process encourages employees to collaborate, so they’re more likely to work together. One person may be able to come up with new ideas, however, it will take an entire team to make them a reality. A workplace culture that instills a strong sense of belonging will naturally produce more creativity.  

It Helps to Retain Employees
Allowing for creativity gives employees more ownership of their job duties and responsibilities. It also increases their sense of agency which can make them more motivated. This makes employees more loyal to the company as they appreciate their positive working environment.

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