ART in the WORkplace

ART | WORK brings art into your workplace providing valuable breakout time as an antidote to screens.

If you want to reduce stress and significantly improve well-being among your employees, art sessions work wonders for team building and morale.   After this exceptionally insular and difficult time we are all desperately in need of new ways to enjoy ourselves and reconnect with others.  Drawing and painting engage the brain in full concentration and are a powerful meditative process.

The wide range of activities on offer can be tailored to suit your staff; from studied drawings, visual problem solving, mathematical measurements to free-flowing expressive fun. 
No previous artists skills are necessary, the sessions build confidence and are both enjoyable and satisfying!

Larger scale wellness programmes and events provided by a team are also possible.

On site in meeting rooms or with a venue provided.  
Fuss and mess free with all materials supplied.
Packages include short sessions with rotating groups, half days or full day events
with a range of activities.


'Since starting to paint with Claire 5 years ago I have been impressed with the enthusiasm she brings to each class. She is offers positive advice and is always so encouraging to students of a wide variety of abilities'

'Claire has an amazing ability to instil confidence in all her students and manages to get the best out of everyone - at the same time making it all look effortless and stress free.
I cannot recommend her more highly'

'Claire is excellent at eking out natural talent and encouraging free creative thinking. She is very calm and focused in her teaching and is able to build a positive rapport.'

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